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HMRC had previously rejected their claims… until they became our client

November 6, 2020

Sometimes, HMRC completely rejects R&D Tax Credit claims. It’s unlikely, but it isn’t unheard of. In fact, a recent R&D Tax Credit claim we did was for a software client whose claims had continually been rejected by HMRC, which is why they asked us if we could help them.

Our client knew how intimately we understood the software world, so they asked us to look at their claim for them even though they were reluctant to resubmit it because it had been bounced back before.

They had tried to claim R&D tax relief through the Advanced Assurance Scheme, which is a government initiative to encourage start-ups to invest in software development. But the instructions on HMRC’s site are complicated to follow, their requirements can be difficult to interpret without specialist knowledge, and that’s the biggest reason our client’s claims had always been rejected.

We examined their claim, identified the areas they’d missed and the questions they hadn’t answered, and reassured our client they had a strong case to resubmit. When we submitted it on their behalf, they not only received maximum R&D tax credits for that year, but also for the years their previous claims had been rejected.

If you want to maximise your R&D Tax Credit claim, or if you’ve had a claim rejected and you’d like us to look at it again, get in touch.