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R&D tax credit claim advisors

We know you’d rather be concentrating on developing leading-edge software solutions, instead of filling out forms and churning over numbers. That’s why we’ve made our claims process as easy and painless as possible.

Make your claim by contacting us today, and we will:

  • Set a time to talk

    After you initially make contact, one of our expert team of SSP advisors will arrange a convenient time to talk to you in detail about the work you are doing to assess whether you are eligible, and how much you are likely to receive back in tax credits/savings.

  • Gather your information

    Having signed an agreement with us, we will setup a further 1hr-1.5hr call, where we will gather all the information we need to write the technical narrative which, together with your accounting figures, will form the major part of your R&D Tax Credits claim.

  • Compile a technical narrative document

    The technical narrative is a detailed account of the project you are working on. It will typically be approximately 5-10 pages long, and it will include all the nuts and bolts information the HMRC needs to consider your application and grant your claim. It is also the point where SSP’s specialist Tech claims experience is invaluable. We know the R&D Tax Credits scheme inside-out from a Tech/software perspective, so we’ll make sure we capture everything necessary to make your claim successful and ensure you receive your maximum entitlement.

What happens next

On average, it takes HMRC between four and six weeks to process a claim, although some claims can take longer before you are paid.

If your business is in profit, you will receive a reduction on your overall Corporation Tax bill or repayment if you have already paid the bill for that period.

If your business made a loss, HMRC would issue you a R&D tax credit cash refund.

Don’t miss out any longer

If your company is working on any type of software development or related Tech innovation, no matter how large, small, or peripheral you think the project might be, it’s almost certain that you will be eligible for the R&D Tax Credits scheme.

The scheme was created for businesses like yours. Please take advantage of it. It’s your entitlement, so you can continue to invest in the important work you are doing. You have nothing to lose and potentially a significant amount of money to gain.

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