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We are currently the only advisor that specialises in R&D Tax Credit submissions within the Tech space

R&D tax credit claim advisors
R&D tax credit claim advisors

If you’re involved in Tech development, we want to help you achieve the success and financial recognition your vision and hard work deserves.

That’s why, since 2012, we have focused exclusively on R&D Tax Credit Tech claims, because a successful claim isn’t just reimbursement for the money you’ve already spent. It’s a well-deserved reward that gives you the freedom to invest in even more R&D and innovation, take bigger risks, grow your company, and reach your goals faster.

Exceeding your expectations

Because Tech R&D tax credits are our expertise, we will always identify invaluable tax credit opportunities that generic R&D tax advisors don’t even stop to consider.

Adding extra value is something we do regularly. Our diligence when compiling a claim can sometimes uncover anomalies or miscalculations our client might never have noticed on their own. In one case, we discovered an accounting error that saved our client £80,000 in Corporation Tax.

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How much do we charge?

Our fee is a percentage of the R&D Tax Credit benefit you receive, and is dependent on the likely size of your claim Therefore, we won’t undertake any work, unless we are confident of a successful outcome.


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Mergers & acquisition

Mergers & Acquisition

Engaging the services of an investment bank to facilitate an acquisition or effect a trade sale can be difficult and expensive. Also, it’s unlikely that the bank will understand the technology industry as well as we do.

If you are looking to sell or purchase a business, SSP can help you with all aspects of the process. From taxation advice, business valuations, due diligence, and working with your legal team, we’ll make sure you are supported throughout the entire journey.

Also, if you are seeking acquisition or investment, we don’t just have the expertise to facilitate an exit. Unlike an investment bank, we can also help you build the value of your business to make your offering more attractive to potential buyers and sellers.

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Tax compliance

Tax compliance

We specialise in helping Tech companies prepare their accounts and tax compliance. We can prepare and submit your corporation tax computations and tax returns to the highest standards, and we offer all types of accounting and bookkeeping services.

By using cloud-based systems, the solutions we provide are both transparent and effective, and designed to minimise the compliance burden on your business.

Our twenty-five years’ experience in the Tech industry means we have a total understanding of the unique financial challenges you and your company are facing. With that in mind, we can also provide tax planning advice that is specifically tailored to benefit both you and your business.

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