Safeguarding R&D Tax Credits for your Tech development

As specialists in Tech R&D Tax Credit claims, SSP will help provide a robust claim.

R&D tax credit claim advisors
R&D tax credit claim advisors

Many Tech companies don't apply and are missing out

  • Assumptions

    They don’t realise the work they’re doing is eligible – typically because they don’t consider what they do is ‘innovative’ enough

  • No time

    They find the submission process too complicated and too time-consuming

  • Underclaiming

    Not maximising their submission. Instead, they underclaim on their R&D Tax Credit entitlement and receive much less than they should

We specialise in R&D Tax Credits

As specialists in Tech and software-focused R&D Tax Credit claims, SSP are uniquely positioned to help you make an R&D Tax credits claim from the scheme. That’s because we’re not generic R&D Tax Credit specialists. We’ve been a major player in the UK Tech and software industry since 1995, and we’re experts at identifying the Tech-specific claim opportunities other R&D Tax advisors might easily overlook.

R&D Tax Credits

R&D tax credit claim advisors

R&D Tax Credit Calculator

For a general estimate of your potential claim value, use our R&D Tax Credit Calculator


Tax credit could help your business grow

Tech companies aren’t just missing out monetarily. They’re also missing out on the potential to grow their company by investing in even more development talent which, in turn, could further improve their bottom line.

If that sounds like your Tech company, don’t miss out any longer. We’ll make sure you receive all the credit your Tech development is due.

Our Expertise

Is your company focused on Tech development in any of these or related areas?

Do you qualify?

  • Standalone Applications

    Developing your own unique standalone application, even if that involves improvements such as maintaining compatibility with legacy technology or improved browser compatibility.

  • Solution Partners

    Developing software and tech for alongside major software platforms (Microsoft, Sage, Salesforce, Epicor etc).

  • Systems Integrators

    Bringing together disparate technologies to develop something new.

  • 3rd Party Development

    Doing development for another company (could be eligible under the ‘RDEC’ scheme).

We’ve helped over clients make over 500 claims from the R&D Tax Credits scheme

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